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California Man Who Allegedly Threw His 1-Year-Old Daughter to Her Death is Charged with Murder.

Adam Slater, 49, is being charged with a wealth of charges after going on a violent rampage against his pregnant girlfriend and their young daughter.

According to the Desert Sun, Slater "is accused of throwing his 1-year-old daughter over a steep cliff into a ravine along Highway 74 on Wednesday after stabbing the mother during a brutal “domestic violence incident” in Indian Wells."

Investigators handling the case say that Slater got into an argument with the child's mother and stabbed her. He then took the child and sped off.

"Authorities tracked him down at a crash site along Highway 74 at around 9 a.m. Wednesday — about 30 minutes after reports of the initial incident outside the church. His vehicle had overturned and come to rest several hundred feet from the road, officials said.

Witnesses told investigators that a male bystander successfully freed Slater’s daughter from the vehicle, but Slater stabbed the man.

The suspect then took the girl from the arms of the male he stabbed,” according to the sheriff’s department news release. “Multiple witnesses saw the suspect take the child and throw her over a steep cliff into a ravine. The suspect then fled on foot into the canyon.”

The "girlfriend" was identified as Ashley Grome, 25, and the girl as Grome’s and Slater’s 1-year-old daughter, Madalyn "Maddie" Payton Slater..

According to Grome's family members, Grome and Slater are married. Slater had made threats against Grome, who is 6 months pregnant. It wasn’t clear why Grome and Slater reportedly met outside Southwest Church n Indian Wells, but relatives said that once he was there Slater began attacking Grome and attempted to stab her in the neck and stomach.

Slater has a history or sordid violence. In 1995 Slater was convicted for “penetration of a victim with a foreign object by force.” He served about two years in state prison, released in 1997, according to information on California’s Megan’s Law website.

Slater has been charged with second degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.


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