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Cause of Death Determined for Baby Boy Found Dead in a Cemetery.

In February the body of a 6-month-old baby boy was found in a cemetery.

An Amber Alert was issued for Chi-Liam Cody Brown-Erickson after his mother, Tamara Brown was arrested and the authorities couldn't locate her child.

Brown, 30, was arrested for common law robbery and two counts of assault on a government official on a Thursday night around 10pm and could not, or would not, divulge the whereabouts of her baby.

Authorities believe that Brown was suffering through some type of mental health crisis at the time.

Chi-Liam's body was found the following Saturday in a Charlotte cemetery. At the time of our initial reporting, Brown had not been charged with her son's death.

Now, the infant's cause of death has been released and Brown is facing additional charges.


"An autopsy report for a 6-month-old son who was found dead in a cemetery shows the baby died from hypothermia due to environmental exposure to freezing temperature from being abandoned outdoors in a cemetery."

The state of North Carolina is now charging Brown with murder for the death of her son who was left out in the elements.

We are praying that Brown receives the mental health help and support that she needs but also that Chi-Liam's family receive justice for his inexcusable death.


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