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Police Find Missing Woman's Body Inside a Broken Refrigerator. Boyfriend Charged.

A missing Pennsylvania woman was found dead. Neighbors contacted the police after noticing a foul smell in their apartment building and when the officers showed up to check it out, they discovered a gruesome scene.

Reports say they followed the smell to the building's basement where they found soiled bed sheets and a broken refrigerator. When they opened it, they found the badly decomposed body of a missing McKees Rocks mother.

Kristy Jefferson was reported missing by her family April 26th after disappearing without a trace. Jefferson's family filed a report and took to social media to find her all to no avail.

The family's worst fears became their reality when Jefferson's body was found in an apartment building basement and, according to police, her boyfriend is to blame. Daryl Jones, Jefferson's boyfriend, was taken into custody and has been charged with her death. Jones, who has a violent past, is being held without bond and is considered a danger to himself and others.

This is an extremely sad case. Jefferson was the mother of four children. Four children who, thanks to a senseless act, are going to have to spend their Mother's Day weekend without their mother.

If you, or someone you know, are a victim of domestic violence, please seek help by clicking here. We'd rather you inconvenience yourself for a moment than for your family to have to spend the rest of their lives without you.


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