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Son Opens Dead Mother's Deep Freezer and Finds a Dead Body!

Lord have mercy we would have passed smooth out! A Manhattan man was cleaning out his deceased mother's apartment when he took a look in an old deep freezer and found a dead body! The body was so decomposed that the authorities couldn't tell if it was male or female!

The building supervisor, Asmir Basim, said that the son of the deceased came to her building and needed to be let in to her apartment to "pick up a few things". He let the man into the apartment and after a few minutes the man opened the sealed freezer and began screaming. Basim says that the man said the body was that of a woman but authorities have not yet determined that to be true.

According to the NY Daily News:

"Cops are trying to learn the name of the deceased, and how the person died. They’re also investigating the possibility the decomposed body is the dead woman’s mother, according to building staff."

“She would never give me access to work in the apartment,” Basim said of the woman who lived in the apartment. "She seemed like a lovely lady, always very pleasant. It’s a shock.”

The freezer was described as a standalone, or "chest", model that had a latch on the outside. It also had a seal of duct tape around the lid to prevent it from being accidentally opened. It's estimated that the body has been in the freezer anywhere from 10-15 years.

Here we are all worried somebody is going to find the stash of edibles or the "naughty"drawer next to our beds and this woman had a whole body in a freezer!


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