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Teddy Riley Battles Babyface on Instagram!

The one blessing COVID-19 has brought to the world is the music! We've seen Club Quarantine with D-Nice and now the Versus Series!

Every week or so music producers gather all of their hits and go head to head with each other on Instagram. This week, it was Teddy Riley vs. Babyface.

Initially the battle was scheduled for Saturday but due to some HORRIBLE technical difficulties, on Teddy's part, the audio was a disaster and they vowed to hold a rematch.

Most people thought it was because Teddy was doing too much by having mics, musicians and a hype man while everyone else, who's ever battled, literally just had themselves and their music. The first night gave us a new wave of memes and made Teddy the butt of tons of internet jokes! If you've got time, you can watch it here.

Meanwhile. . . get into these memes!

Then Toni Braxton got in on the roast!

Last night's performances went a little better with most of the votes going in Babyface's favor. Go ahead and get your old school groove on!

Which legend is your favorite? We honestly LOVE the musical genius of both of them! Post your favorite song in the comments below.

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