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Retired Miami Teacher Took Student's Virginity in the Classroom!

This is a case of classic grooming and abuse of power!

70-year-old Tom Miller Privett has been charged with sexual battery with a child under custodial authority after being accused of having sex with a student.

Privett had been a teacher at the Terra Environmental Research Institute Magnet School where the incidents allegedly happened.

Reports say that Privett met the victim when she was in the ninth grade, in 2012, and he began "grooming" her. As she mourned a death in the family, he began wooing her, touching her inappropriately.

According to the Miami Herald:

“These touches began as rubbing her arms while in class, then rubbing her back, and continued to kiss her on the head, cheek and partial lips,” according to an arrest warrant by schools Detective Ismael Castilla.

In the girl’s 10th grade year, Privett began making “rude and disrespectful” comments about the girl’s weight. She eventually developed an eating disorder, the warrant said, in order to “look good” for Privett.

By 11th grade, police said, the conversations turned explicitly sexual — Privett began talking to her about his “sexual desires” and fetishes. By her senior year, in 2016, Privett took the girl’s virginity in his classroom, according to police.

“The victim further alleged that she and Privett engaged in sexual activity every day after school inside of Privett’s classroom for the next three months until the school year ended,” according to the state.

Even after the girl was in a car accident that “caused her serious discomfort in her hips,” Privett insisted they have sex “because this is what she was supposed to do,” the warrant said.

The girl came forward to police in December. To help build evidence against him, the girl called Privett to discuss their sexual relationship, as detectives listened. Privett “engaged in this conversation” and confirmed the girl’s account, police said."

Privett had been a government teacher for 30 years in the state of Florida and the authorities fear that there may be more victims. He also volunteered with the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden where he worked in close contact with students. Anyone with information can call the State Attorney’s Office at 305-547-0441.


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