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Las Vegas Man Confesses to Murdering Teen and "Stuffing" Her Body into a Sewer.

A 17-year-old girl, reported missing, from Las Vegas on December 12, 2019 has been found dead and her own neighbor is to blame.

Reports say that Tamyah Trotter was last seen Dec. 12 at a McDonald's at MLK and Lake Mead boulevards. She had gone to the restaurant her sister, Kendra Ward, believes to use their Wi-Fi because her phone was off.

Ward became alarmed when Trotter didn't return home and reported her as missing. "Police said she was angry and a runaway. . ."She was not [kicked out of the house]. She's old enough to make her own choices but she was not kicked out."

The "kicked out" story comes from Trotter and Ward's neighbor, Jayshawn Bailey, who lives just four houses down. Bailey told police that he ran into Trotter at the McDonald's where she told him that her family had kicked her out. He offered her a place to stay and she later sent him a message on SnapChat accepting.

Bailey says that when Trotter came to his house later that evening he had been taking Xanax and drinking wine. Trotter drank too and then became aggressive with him. Bailey claims that Trotter pulled out a taser and tried to shock him when he then put her in a head lock to restrain her.

He says he only held her for ten seconds but when he let go she wasn't breathing. He says he attempted CPR for two hours but didn't call for help because he didn't want to get into trouble.


"The arrest report said Bailey hid Trotter's body inside his bedroom until late Dec. 13 or early Dec. 14. Bailey said he put Trotter inside a trashcan with wheels and dumped her in a sewer drain.

According to an arrest report, Bailey called police Jan. 19 around 12:30 p.m. to report a body in a sewer under a manhole near his home."

Initially Bailey told police that he'd seen suspicious people "messing with" the manhole cover in his neighborhood. He said that he went to look into the manhole and say the body, touched it, then went back to his home.

At the time her body was found, police had no clue who the unidentified woman was. Upon further investigation they were made aware that Trotter was missing and that the woman they found fit her physical description and her clothing was a match.

Bailey said the guilt of knowing the body was in the drain led to him calling 911, according to the report. Bailey said he took Trotter's shoes, backpack, cellphone and Taser to the Pearson Community Center, the report said."

Trotter's sister, Kendra Ward, says that there is no reason for someone to have harmed her. "She was only 17." She also feels uneasy knowing that her own children walk to school every day, right passed the manhole where her sister's body lay for over a month.

Other residents of Bailey's household say that they never saw Trotter inside the home.

Bailey is due in court next Wednesday.


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