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New York City Housing Authority Worker Opens Fire on His Supervisor and Shot Him 10 Times!

On January 6th Charles Newton was in his office at a New York City Housing Authority property, door closed and on FaceTime with his wife. The two were enjoying their conversation when all of a sudden another worker kicked down the door and opened fire.

According to reports Newton, 43, was shot in the chest, abdomen, thigh and leg at the Fort Independence Houses on Bailey Avenue. Newton had previously expressed concerns over the other employee and said that he didn't feel safe with him on the job. They'd had several exchanges in the past where the shooter, later identified as Frankie Corchado, had threatened to shoot Newton.

Via ABC7:

"Barbara Lauray, the president of the Tenants Association at the Fort Independence Houses, said it was an open secret that a mid-level NYCHA supervisor had been a major problem. He was such a problem that she says it was no surprise that he pulled a gun on the development's superintendent.

"There was feuding back and forth, this individual was written up on numerous occasions," Lauray said. "So it wasn't like NYCHA didn't know about the situation. This guy was a Roman candle. They knew his fuse was gonna blow."

Lauray said she had personally complained about the suspect to NYCHA officials who said they would talk to him. She says that was a year ago. "The superiors at NYCHA knew what was going on here and to allow it to go on for a long period of time and do nothing about it?" she said. "And now we have a gentleman in the hospital with bullet wounds because you allowed a nut to work in a development and you knew he was out of control."

Corchado, 46, initially fled the scene but turned himself in to police this past Wednesday.

Newton's mother, Jacinth Harley, is demanding answers as to why her son's concerns weren't taken more seriously. "They failed my son," she said. "What are they going to do with the others that are there? Are they going to fail them too?" A spokesperson for the mayor's office said in a statement: “The NYPD is the best police department in the world and they are thoroughly investigating this case. And the general manager was on the scene immediately following this incident. We will continue to support NYCHA and this development's community.”

This brings to light some very hidden, often unspoken, problems at places of employment. In a situation like this, should the aggressive employee be dismissed? We think so!

Post your thoughts in the comments below!


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