Real Life Cruella DeVille! Kentucky Man Skinned His Neighbors Dogs to Make Himself a "Doggy Coa

For those of you doubting if mental illness is a real thing. . . IT IS!

A 38-year-old Kentucky is in jail after his neighbors discovered he'd skinned their dogs! Jonathan D. Watkins, of David, Kentucky, was arrested on December 23, 2019 after his neighbors reported him to the police.

One neighbor said that shortly after 1pm Watkins came to his house, covered in blood, and asked for a cigarette. When the neighbor inquired about why Watkins had blood on his clothes he reportedly said the blood was from "skinning dogs". The neighbor dismissed Watkins' comment because he has had a history of mental health issues until later that day.

According to LEX18 the neighbor was walking past Watkins "residence he saw what looked like four animal skins and two dog carcasses on his porch.

Neighbor, Jordan Owens said this about the crime, "I couldn't imagine looking at four puppies, and skinning them with a knife, that's so unnecessary, that's inhumane."

The neighbor reported to police that he was missing two dogs and believed a fellow neighbor also was missing two dogs.

A trooper contacted Watkins at his home, where he said he observed the man had blood on his clothing as well as an 8-to-10-inch hunting knife, also covered in blood.

"I'm making myself a Doggy Coat," Watkins told the trooper, according to the arrest citation. Watkins allegedly acknowledged killing his neighbors' dogs, saying "Yes, there isn't anything wrong with me making myself a fur coat."

The citation says Watkins told the trooper, "I stabbed them in the heart with my knife," skinned them and abandoned the carcasses over an adjacent hill.

Watkins was charged with torture of a dog with serious physical injury or death and tampering with physical evidence."

This isn't the first time Watkins has had a run in with the law. According to reports he was charged with the murder of his stepfather in 2010. The charges were dismissed after the court ruled that he was not criminally responsible for his conduct. The Commonwealth failed to issue a petition for involuntary hospitalization.

Right now Watkins is being held in the Floyd County Jail and we hope he stays there and gets some help this time!


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