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"Baddest B*tch" Rapper Trina Goes Berzerk When Called a "N*gger B*tch" at WalMa

Miami based rapper Trina got into a heated exchange with a woman at WalMart. Eyewitnesses say that in the crowded store Trina accidentally bumped another shopper. Before she could even apologize the woman flew off the handle and said "watch out you N*gger B*tch"!

That's when the shizzle hit the fan! Check out the aftermath.

We're told that the cops were called but Trina decided against filing a police report or pressing charges. They also reportedly did not speak to the other woman involved.

TMZ has reached out to Trina's camp and so far no one on her side is talking.

That's right Trina, don't give this negativity any more energy!

Hopefully this woman learned a valuable lesson and is planning on NOT taking her racism with her to WalMart on her next trip.

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