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New Information on the Cause of Death of Little Maleah Davis.

Months after Maleah Davis was reported missing, was found dead and laid to rest we are finally learning more about what caused her death. The four-year-old girl was reported missing in a fishy story by her mother's boyfriend on May 4, 2019. Almost no one believed his concocted story saying that he was beaten over the head and was unconscious for 24 hours, awaking to find Maleah had vanished.

Through intense investigation, the "step-father", Derion Vence admitted that he had dumped Maleah's body on the side of a road in Arkansas and that he had accidentally killed her.

That story never rang true for the public either and, we now have more evidence to add to our suspicions. New court documents suggest that Maleah was indeed hit in the head with a blunt object but also that her airway was restricted at some point.

Vence remains in jail and is still charged with injury to a child/serious bodily injury, a first-degree felony.

This case brought about a new cry for mothers to be more aware of the people that they let into their children's lives. Maleah's mother, Brittany Bowens, said that she'd trusted Vence with her daughter, even after prior claims that he'd abused Maleah both physically and sexually. Maleah had been removed from the family home earlier in the year because she had suffered a fractured skull, presumably from abuse.

The public is still waiting to see if Bowen's will face any neglect charges in the death of her daughter.


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