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Body Found in Basement Might Be That of Missing Maine Mom.

29-year-old Melissa Sousa was last seen Tuesday morning around 8:30am when she put her 8-year-old twin daughters on the bus for school. When the children returned home, their mother was no where to be found. Sousa was reported by her friends Tuesday night raising suspicions since Sousa lived with her boyfriend, Nicholas Lovejoy, 28.

"Elizabeth O’Neil, who reportedly works at a Dunkin’ Donut off of Main Street with Sousa, told 10 News that Sousa had been fighting with Lovejoy about personal issues. O’Neil last saw Sousa on October 21 as the missing mom left work at around noon.

Nichola Lovejoy [Photo: Kennebec County Jail]

Megan Legasse, Sousa’s employer at Dunkin’ Donut, told the Morning Sentinel that she though Lovejoy killed Sousa.

“I believe Nick killed her,” Legasse told the outlet. “He’s locked her out of the house and pointed a gun at her while the girls were upstairs, looking out of the window. A week ago in the driveway, he pointed a gun at her and the kids were saying, ‘Don’t kill my Mom.’ ”

Lovejoy was picked up by police on an unrelated incident the night Sousa went missing. He reportedly had a loaded gun in the car and was arrested for child endangerment for leaving the children home alone. He is said to be cooperating with the police on the investigation and being held on $2,000 bond.

On Wednesday evening investigators confirmed with the media that they found a woman's body in the basement of the home Sousa shared with Lovejoy. As of this moment Lovejoy has not been charged with any additional crimes.


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