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11-Year-Old Charged with Hate Crime After Attacking Another Child on a School Bus.

Two middle schoolers were arrested after they attacked another student while on a school bus. The incident happened in the Gouverneur Central School District in Gouverneur, NY on September 10th. Police say that the parents of a 10-year-old African-American little girl made a police report after she came home from school with a black eye and missing chunks of hair!

The report states that two other girls, 11 and 10-years-old who are both White, attacked their daughter, while spewing racist remarks, unprovoked on the school bus ride home.

"It is probably the most professionally devastating event since I started working at Gouverneur in 1984,” School Superintendent Lauren French said.

Village police charged two girls with second-degree harassment. The 11 year old was additionally charged with third-degree assault as a hate crime."

A bus monitor, employed by First Student, the company which provides bus service to the Gouverneur district, allegedly witnessed the attack and made no effort to stop or prevent it.

Police charged the monitor, 28 year old Tiffany Spicer of 183 River Road, Edwards, with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Police said Spicer is white.

She was ticketed and ordered to appear in Gouverneur Town Court at a later date."

This is sickening! One of these days these kids are going to pick on the wrong child and end up getting more than they can handle!

Superintendent French has vowed to get additional training and education for all staff that come in contact with her students. “I firmly believe we are better than this, and we have to take a stand,” French said and, we agree, WE collectively are better than this however, some of these apples are rotten and have to be dealt with.

The Gouverner Central School District boasts that is maintains a "Bully Free" environment. . . looks like not everyone got the message.

The parents of the two girls were referred to St. Lawrence County Probation for further action, police said. The cases will be handled in juvenile court. There is no word if the victim sought medical attention but, we're sure this attack left a lasting mark on this child.

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