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Boy Mysteriously Shows Up in a Box on a Stranger's Porch Hours Before Human Remains Found in Bur

A three-year-old boy was found in New York sleeping on a stranger's porch Monday morning just hours before human remains were found in a burned car.

According to reports the resident of the home, Lois Augsberger says she went outside to fetch a newspaper around 8am and saw the child asleep. He was wearing only a pull-up diaper, and was in a cardboard box she leaves out for cats.

“I come out the door and I open this up and I just happened to look down and I see him starting to crawl out,” Augsburger said.

“He was crawling out of the box. He heard me. He must’ve heard me open the door and he came crawling out of the box and he had the blanket around him and I picked him up and I hugged him.”

Augsburger questioned him asking “Where’s your mommy, honey?” He said, “The car's on fire.” That's all he kept saying,’ Augsberger recalls.

Around 6pm the same day authorities found a burned car with human remains inside. Reports say that the car was so burned that the fire had to have been started around 3am and sustained for a period of time.

The little boy, identified as Noelvin, lives in Florida with his parents and was traveling over the weekend with them and a family friend. The child’s parents are 24-year-old Nicole Merced Plaud and 31-year-old Miguel Anthony Valentin-Colon, and Zenaida Colon, the child's grandmother, fears that they were in a car that burned on Monday. The last time she spoke to the couple was Sunday.

Child Protective Services is in the process of reuniting the Noelvin with his family who flew from Florida to New York on Tuesday to be with him.

At this time there is no evidence that the burning car case is related to the disappearance of Noelvin's parents and their friend however their families fear the worse.

Our prayers are with these families. We hope they find peace and that justice is served to whom ever is responsible.


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