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"Mole Mom" was a Real Live Angie Valdez for Her Son's Gang Activity. Used Government C

Almost everyone knows about the Starz series "Power" and how it's character Angela Valdez works on both sides of the law. Well, one Newark, New Jersey mom decided to try her luck at the same thing!

According to reports, Tawanna Hilliard used her job in the Newark U.S. Attorney’s office to help her son, Tyquan Hilliard, find out confidential information on informants, open cases concerning his gang and trying to plot to harm the gang's leader!

"Joe Viola, a retired detective with the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office who started a gang task force, said background checks are going to have to get more stringent.

“I believe strongly they’re going to have to get even stricter because these gangs are flourishing,” Viola said.

Tyquan Hilliard went to state prison in New York after his 2011 arrest for a loaded gun and did six years.

Federal prosecutors now say his mother started using her government computer in 2016 to find out information for a high-ranking Bloods member with the 5-9 Brims set.

It’s the same set her son belongs to.​

The leader was known as Brim-1.

Brim-1 allegedly wanted to know if two other gang members were snitching for the feds.

Tawanna Hilliard couldn’t find an active federal case on them.

Her son was said to be annoyed that she was helping Brim-1.

It escalated from there, according to recorded conversations between mother and son, while the son was in prison.

The two allegedly discussed ways to hurt Brim-1.

The mother is accused of posting video statements made by cooperating witnesses on YouTube and texting multiple people about one informant, stating the witness was “giving up murders, victims, shooters and all…SMH.”

Not long after the mother allegedly posted the video, the informant started receiving death threats in prison."

We get wanting to look out for your son but the best way to do that is to make sure that he stays out of jail in the first place!

Now she's facing hefty charges right along with him.


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