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Feel Good News: 12-Year-Old Cuts Grass to Save Money For College!

12-year-old Jaylin Clyburn is a young man who's already planning for a bright future. The preteen can usually be found around Lancaster, South Carolina helping out in his neighborhood or assisting his elders but, as he grew, he kew he had to plan ahead. Jaylin, not wanting to burden his mother with huge expenses, decided to start working towards paying off his college education by himself.

"I started my business of cutting grass because my cousin is a landscaping person and that made me want to start cutting grass," the 12-year-old said.

He took to Facebook to advertise his business and, as fate would have it, his ad caught the attention of a local man who decided to take a chance on this young business owner.


"Jaylin said he's cut more than 100 lawns this summer and plans to continue throughout the school year.

"When school starts back, I'm going to have a limit," Jaylin said. "When I have homework, I can do it after. And I can do it after school and on the weekends."

Jaylin said he believes his hard work and dedication to his business will help him in his future plans. When he grows up, Jaylin wants to be an NFL player and says he really wants to meet Cam Newton.

"If anyone can help me, I want to meet Cam Newtown and David Tepper -- he's doing great things for the team," Jaylin said."

We applaud this young man for doing whatever it takes to have a bright future! Now, let's make sure that he gets to meet his idol Cam Newton!

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