Baltimore Mom and Partner Charged After Her Son's Body Found in a Dumpster.

We've seen our share of "ain't sh*t" parents this year and we're sad to say, we've got another mother to add to the list. Alicia Lawson, 25, reported her 4-year-old son, Malachi, missing on August 1st saying that he went missing from the front doorstep of her northwest Baltimore home after she stepped inside momentarily.

Of course this sparked a frantic search for the young boy but no clues were to be found. After two days of searching Lawson finally admitted that her young son was not missing but dead. She told police where his body could be found and they recovered his remains that had been placed in a garbage bag and left in a dumpster that had been emptied into the city trash dump.

Via Pix 11:

"Lawson and her partner, Shatika Lawson were taken into custody Saturday. They have been charged with several offenses, including involuntary manslaughter, assault, first-degree child abuse resulting in the death of a child younger than 13 years old, neglect of a minor and giving false statements."

The women told police they were bathing Malachi on July 23rd after he soiled himself, court documents said. Shatika Lawson told police she put the boy in the tub. The two then turned to wash his clothes in the sink, court papers said.

They said when they turned back around to the child, he had suffered serious burns on his lower body, from his waist to his feet, according to court papers.

But neither of them wanted to seek medical help and instead opted to treat his wounds on their own, the probable cause statement said.

They were both afraid “the child would be taken from them, that they would get in trouble for what had happened to the child” and because of their “past history with child protective services,” the document said."

Lawson said that when she woke up on the morning of August 1st that little Malachi was “laying in his bed in a puddle of wetness,” and h believed that he was dead. She then wrapped her son in a blanket, called a "Lyft" to transport her to the drop off location, placed him in a trash bag and left.

"FBI agents obtained information from her cell phone that showed she searched for trash collection sites two days earlier, the court documents said.

An officer who attended the autopsy said he saw severe burns on the child’s lower body, injuries consistent with pictures Alicia Lawson took July 23rd.

Investigators also tested the water from the bath at the home and said “at no time did the water temperature ever exceed ‘lukewarm,'” according to court documents."

There's something else going on with this story. The details that Lawson gave the cops just isn't adding up and we hope they get to the bottom of it soon!


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