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South Carolina Man Who Raped and Impregnated a 10-Year-Old Girl Gets Life in Prison!

After a disturbing ordeal a South Carolina man has been sentenced to life in prison. Reports say that in 2016 Tony Singleton was at the home of an unidentified 10-year-old girl when he sexually assaulted her. She stated that she was in her bedroom "watching Sponge Bob Square Pants" when Singleton came into her room, turned off her television and the lights and raped her.

Singleton is not related to the child but said to have been a friend of her mother's. There was no mention of the crime until "several months" later when the child's mother brought her to an area hospital for an abortion. A DNA sample taken from the fetus was used to prove that Singleton fathered the child.

“This man was someone she trusted, someone who lurked inside her home, someone who changed the fabric of his victim’s life forever,” prosecutor Hunter Swanson said in a statement.

“This girl should be getting ready to go back to school, making friends, braiding her hair — things other girls her age typically are engaged in," he said. "Instead, she’s in a courtroom, reliving a horrific ordeal.”

It took a 12 person jury just 51 minutes to find Singleton guilty after a trial of only two days. He's been convicted of first-degree criminal sexual assault with a minor under the age of 11. The judge immediately sentenced him to life in prison.

More offenders need harsh sentences like this one!


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