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Former NFL Player and His Girlfriend Charged with 20 Felonies After they Exercised Her Daughter to D

Former NFL and Canadian Football League running back Cierre Marcelle Wood has been charged with 20 felony child abuse indictments after the death of his girlfriend's daughter. Wood, 28, and Amy Taylor, 26, have been accused of abusing Taylor's daughter La’Rayah Davis, who was found lifeless on April 9 in Wood’s apartment.

The mother and daughter had recently moved in with Wood, and his young daughter, just two weeks before La'Rayah's death.

According to the South Bend Tribune says that the judge overseeing the case believes that La'Rayah suffered greatly before she died and that both Wood and Taylor are responsible.

When the story first broke in April, KSNV reported that Taylor could possibly face murder charges. Both Wood and Taylor have been jailed since La'Rayah's death.

"The judge cited photos of numerous external bruises from what were described as finger-pokes to the girl’s abdomen, back, arms and legs. Autopsy findings showed La’Rayah had 20 newly broken ribs, internal bleeding, a lacerated liver and bruises to her heart, diaphragm and connective tissue.

Taylor told police she sat on the girl while disciplining her about a week before her death, according to court documents.

Wood told police he used exercise as discipline, and had La’Rayah do physical activities including running sprints in the apartment. On the day she died, La’Rayah fell backward while doing sit-ups and hit her head on the carpeted floor, he said."

Taylor said that she was not home at the time of La'Rayah's "accident" and that she had been at the grocery store.

Honestly, we're getting fed up with all of these stories about mothers not fully protecting children from their "boyfriends" or significant others. In almost every case the children are not the biological child of the parent's partner and these children are abused, molested and murdered while their parent makes excuses.

Enough is enough, the parent, in every case, needs to be held accountable too. Just like this mother.

Mothers. . . fathers. . . grandparents. . . EVERYONE, do better at protecting these babies!


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