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BREAKING:Child's Remains, Believed to be Those of Maleah Davis, Found in Arkansas.

The remains of a small child, consistent with the size of Maleah Davis, was found today in Arkansas. The search for little Maleah moved from Texas to Arkansas after Quanell X spoke with Derion Vence, who's accused of killing Maleah, told him where the child was.


"Vence told Quanell the 4-year-old died last month in an accident.

Quanell said Vence told him he drove to Arkansas and left Maleah's remains on the side of I-30 near Hope, Arkansas. Fulton is about 18 miles from Hope."

No one believed Vence's story that Maleah had been abducted earlier this month when she was reported missing on May 4th. Maleah was last seen alive on a neighbor's surveillance video on the last day in April.

Maleah's body was presumably dumped on the side of the road, in a wooded area, shortly after her death and her remains went unnoticed until recently.

"Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton said a litter crew first noticed the trash bag with blood on it three days ago near Exit 18. Supervisors told the employee to leave it alone. Singleton said it's not uncommon for people to leave dead animals in the area.

Singleton said the bag was recovered Friday.

He said state police and the FBI will gather evidence from the bag and an autopsy will be performed on the remains.

Homicide detectives from Houston are also headed to Fulton."

Vence remains in jail and we expect his charges to be upgraded from tampering with evidence, specifically a corpse, to murder. The public is hoping that Maleah's mother, Brittany Bowens, will be prosecuted too because she failed to protect her child and left her with a known abuser.

We're glad Maleah will finally be put to rest but we won't rest until everyone involved is brought to justice!


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