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Lyft Passenger Goes Nuts and Beats His Driver for Not Speeding!

New York authorities are looking for a man who beat his Lyft driver while he was a passenger! The attack happened last Thursday and the driver, Eduardo Madiedo, although visibly shaken, was not seriously harmed.

Madiedo says that the ride started off like any other ride. The passenger entered the vehicle, appearing in some slight discomfort because he laid down in the back seat. The passenger was moaning, took off his shirt and kept urging Madiedo to speed up and work his way through the traffic.


"Madiedo pushes back, telling the passenger "excuse me man, if you're going to be disrespectful, I'll just pull over right now."

It's that remark that sets the passenger off. He wails on Madiedo from the back seat, and at one point tries to get in the front seat of the car, which is still in motion.

The two passengers then get out of the car, and the man hits Madiedo again before running off."

Madiedo says that the attack made him feel "less than human" and honestly, we agree.

You'd never think that helping someone by giving them a ride, as your job, would be this dangerous but, it's something cab drivers have been experiencing for years. Lyft, just like Uber and most cab companies, prohibit both drivers and passengers from carrying weapons for protection.

After this, Madiedo says "I feel like I have to look for a new job or a new form of income." Can you blame him?

The passenger hasn't been located but Lyft says that he has been permanently banned from using their service.


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