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Queen of Comfort! Whoopi Goldberg Launches an All Inclusive Fashion Line!

If you've seen Whoopi Goldberg in the last few years you'll remember one thing about her style. She loves quirky socks and shoes and good comfortable clothes!

Gone are the days where she had to rely on a stylist to dress her in order to make her more acceptable to the taste buds of Hollywood! Whoopi is stretching out into an area that's more than just a hobby, more than just a one time whim and more than a passing trend. She's bringing her signature style to a closet near you!

With the launch of her new clothing brand DubGee, named after a play on her initials, Whoopi wants all women to know they can be stylish without sacrificing comfort for corsets!

She boldly admits that she's not just bragging about the line, she's wearing it as well!

Via People :

“Because if I’m not wearing them, then you’re not going to believe what I tell you about them. You’re going to want to wear these clothes because they’re comfortable and that they’re made for your shape, regardless of what your shape is.” The concept for DUBGEE, Goldberg’s new size-inclusive brand (it goes up to 3X) which is available for purchase at Neiman Marcus, Amazon, Ashley Stewart and Le Tote, came to her mind during a trip to Greece when the star was unable to find comfortable clothing that fit her figure.

“It was an experience I wasn’t really familiar with because I’ve always been able to find things that were comfortable and felt fine,” Goldberg, 63, says."

The awarding-winning actress says that her style is whatever she makes it. With prices ranging from $89-$390 and sizes up to 3x, there's definitely something for every body type and budget. The line is available in Neiman Marcus and on

We love to see confident sisters making their mark on every inch of consumerism! Congratulations Whoopi!

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