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Peeping Tom Caught Recording Woman in a Target Bathroom!

As if women didn't have enough reasons to be paranoid in public, today, one Texas woman has a horrifying story to tell! The unidentified woman was shopping at Target on the Gulf Freeway in League City Monday around 10 a.m. when she says, as she went to exit a bathroom stall, she noticed a cellphone recording her!

Click2Houston reports that the woman told police she was using the restroom when she noticed something odd. She told police she saw herself on a phone screen that was being held underneath the stall. She said she quickly left the bathroom in a panic.

"There was a woman coming out of the bathroom with total terror on her face," Ronda, a shopper who preferred not to give her last name, said.

Ronda knew something was not right. She went to the woman and comforted her while a manager watched for the person to come out of the bathroom.

"We were talking, and I realized, wait, he just walked out of the women's restroom over to the men's," Ronda said.The woman reported to police that they waited there for a couple of minutes, until the man walked out.

League City police charged 21-year-old Jacob Alexander Herrera with invasive visual recording. Herrera is out on bond.

Target has said in a statement that they have "no tolerance" for this kind of behavior in their stores.

"Our team immediately called the League City Police Department when the guest reported the incident to us, and we’ve provided them with video and photos of the suspect to assist in their investigation."

The witness, Ronda, says that, in the beginning, NO ONE from Target was coming to the woman's aid.

Ladies, be more mindful and hyper vigilant about your surrounding and your treatment.


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