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Derion Vence is a No-Show in Court and Maleah Davis' "Mother" Gets Spurned by Crowd De

The man accused of tampering with the suspected corpse of Maleah Davis, Derion Vence, did not appear in court today as expected. Instead, Maleah's "mother", Brittany Bowens, Community Activist Quanell X and a cousin of Maleah's father went to the proceedings without the accused.

The crowd gathered at the courthouse met the family and representatives with chants of "Justice for Maleah" and plenty of eyes rolled in Bowens direction.

Vence's court date has been rescheduled for a later time for unknown reasons but there are plenty of us who are wondering if Maleah's "mother" is going to face charges as well.

We are ALL looking at her just like this sister here. We'd be looking at her father like that too IF he had shown up.

Right now I believe we can all echo the words of Quanell X. "“The main thing right now - that all of us want to know is, ‘What did he do with Maleah?’” The vast majority of the public believes that the child is already deceased however, no child deserves to be buried in an unmarked grave.

The rest of the family, as well as the public, need to have closure to this part of the story.

Of course we're praying that Maleah is still alive and that maybe, just maybe, someone is holding her until she can heal up from whatever abuse she suffered after her mother left town.

We're praying for the best but preparing ourselves for the worse.

Vence's bond has since been reduced from $1 million to $45,000.


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