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Husband and Stepdaughter Charged in Jacquelyn Smith's "Panhandler" Murder.

In December of 2018 the nation was rocked when we all learned that a 54-year-old Baltimore woman had been murdered by who her husband called a panhandler. Smith had allegedly pulled over to roll down her window to give money to a woman begging for money at the side of the road.

Jacquelyn Smith's husband had been with her at the time and he went on record saying: "She was trying to help someone out," Keith Smith told ABC News. "I think the reality is, we forget about the times that we're living in. You may have the best intentions on helping this person, but when you let a person get into your safe zone, you're actually opening yourself up to whatever this person has intended for you."

Mr. Smith had called for justice and begged the public to help him find the person's responsible for killing his beloved wife. The story was plausible, we all began ignoring panhandlers and making sure that our doors were locked and windows rolled up. We were all a little more cautious.

After nearly three months of investigations, the case has taken an unexpected turn,


"City police announced Sunday the arrests of Keith Smith and his daughter, Valeria Smith, in the Dec. 1, 2018, killing of Jacquelyn Smith. They are charged with first-degree murder.

Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said Keith Smith and Valeria Smith were arrested Sunday morning in Harlingen, Texas, near the Mexico border.

"During the course of our investigation, we have developed evidence that Mr. Smith was leaving Maryland, so we made appropriate national notifications, and the Texas State Police arrested him this morning (Sunday)," Harrison said. "All of our investigators for both Keith and Valeria Smith, outlining the evidence in this case to a judge, who reviewed and signed the warrants for first-degree murder."

Harrison would not comment on a motive, saying that is a "trial matter."

"The information and the evidence points to it was not a panhandler," Harrison said. "People took advantage of Baltimore."

Kevin and Valeria Smith

"In this particular case, oftentimes we have these negative depictions about our city, and it's rather unfortunate when people take advantage of these negative perceptions," Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby said.

Reached by phone, mother of Jacquelyn Smith told the 11 News I-Team that she is "overjoyed" to hear of arrest in the case. Asked if she thought the husband might allegedly be involved, she said, "Oh yes ... from the beginning. Jacquelyn was cautious, not stupid."

What in the wold would possess these two to do something like this? The devil is truly busy. . .


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