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Mother Charged with Murder After Bizarre Kidnapping Story Found to be False.

A 24-year-old New Jersey mother has been arrested for the murder of her own toddler. Nakira Griner had originally reported her son Daniel, who was on 23-months-old, had been kidnapped.

On last Friday around 6:30pm Griner claimed that while she was on a walk with her two children, Daniel in a stroller and an infant strapped to her chest, she was assaulted. She said that the attacker knocked her down and began kicking her in her side and in her head. She tried to shield herself and her infant until the attacker ran off. When she looked up the stroller and little Daniel were gone.

Responding officers found the stroller, containing a red pair of shoes but no Daniel, a few blocks away.

Griner's story started to fall apart when the police questioned her and noticed inconsistencies. Eventually they called for a polygraph test. She failed.

Daniel Griner Jr.'s body was found, around 3am Saturday morning, dismembered and burned inside of a purse and garbage bags behind the family home.

Via The Daily Journal:

"A complaint filed by Detective Veronica Cappoli states: Nakira Griner said she left bruises on the boy's face and that he also had fallen down stairs. She told police she hit the boy because he would not eat or listen to her, according to the report.

'She then said that she left D.G. Jr., who was still alive, by himself on Devonshire Place because she wanted someone to find him and help him because no one would believe her,' Cappoli stated."

There has been no motive for the child's murder except for Griner saying that he wouldn't "listen".

Nakira Griner, 24, is charged with first-degree murder; endangering the welfare of a child; desecration of human remains, and tampering with evidence and is expected in court this Thursday.

Griner's husband, Daniel Griner Sr., has set up a GoFundMe to help with the final expenses for his son.


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