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Kristoff St. John's Autopsy Complete. Cause of Death Being Deferred Due to Pending Toxicology Re

Earlier today the world learned that one of our beloved actors had left this earth to take his eternal rest. Daytime Emmy Award winning actor, Kristoff St. John, died suddenly yesterday afternoon at his California residence. He was found, unresponsive, when a friend went to do a wellness check on him.

Although we are closer to learning the cause of Kristoff St, John's death, we will always wonder why. A preliminary autopsy report has been completed but, his official cause of death is still on hold pending the outcome of several toxicology reports. There is talk that he may have suffered a possible "alcohol overdose".

St. John has been grieving the death of his son, Julian St. John, who committed suicide, at the age of 24, in November of 2014 while in the care of a mental health facility. The elder St. John and his ex-wife, boxer Mia St. John, sued the facility for negligence and settled that suit out of court. In 2017 St. John threatened to commit suicide and was hospitalized, by authority of law enforcement, on a 72-hour hold for mental evaluation.

Two weeks ago St. John was hospitalized and treated for depression. When he was released from care he sent the following re-tweet about the loss of a child.

St. John's longtime employer and "Young and the Restless" producers released the following statement.

The two women closest to St. John, his new fiance' and his ex-wife, both took to social media to express their grief. His fiance called him her "everything". The couple got engaged in August of 2018.

His ex-wife's words were a little more harsh but just as heart felt. She blamed the facility that neglected to adequately supervise their son for their son's death and Kristoff's in turn. Her tweet has since been deleted. Below is a clip she posted to Twitter about their son and her deleted tweet.

It's hard to understand why someone decides to take their own life but, if this is the case with Kristoff, we can almost see why. There was a post that we came across a few years ago that we hold dear to this day. It said:

"When someone commits suicide, their pain doesn't end, it just transfers to someone else."

To repeat Kristoff's final tweet, "never a truer word was spoke".

If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out to the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255, or click here.


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