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Man Who Allegedly Raped an Atlanta Woman on Facebook Live Speaks Out.

An Atlanta woman's Facebook LIVE video, filmed for her birthday, has gone viral but not for the reasons one would hope. The woman appeared to have captured her own sexual assault on camera while her family and friends looked on.

The woman, whose identity we've chosen not to share, was on the live streaming service several times throughout the night on Saturday January 19. She can be seen with a drink in her hand in an extremely packed club enjoying her night.

Several videos were streamed but, one in question appears to have shown something she claims, and many of us believe to be, a sexual assault.

In the beginning, when this video first came to us, we chose NOT to report on it because it it such a sensitive subject. Our hearts were broken when we heard this young woman cry out for help and no one heard her. We sympathize with her because she could have been any one of us on any given night out on the town.

There have been theories from people who watched the live stream that she had a pill in her cup, that this man watched her and targeted her, and of course those horrible trolls who said she asked for it.

We watched the video in its entirety and couldn't possibly grasp how anyone could say that she, or any rape victim, asked for it. It was appalling and triggering.

The ONLY reason we're reporting this story now. . . the man in the video claims he was "helping her up" and not guilty of any crime. During the video, just before the clip below, you can see the woman with a look of shock on her face. She DOES NOT appear to have fallen forward as the man stated.

We want to warn you that the clip, and her explanation afterwards, is hard to watch.

After viewing that, and hearing her side of the story, we want you to take a listen to the man's side of the story. Only after hearing his interview with "Gossip in the City" will you understand our full outrage.

There are several things that just aren't adding up here. He claims she was falling forward so he lifted her up. He even added that she was "dead weight".. If he was lifting her up, we want to know why the person over her shoulder was pushing her down so that their cellphone camera could get a better view? We want to know if the authorities have questioned that individual?

We definitely question what's going on in the video however, it doesn't look like someone trying to help up a drunk friend. It looks, and sounds, a heck of a lot like sexual assault. A little buyer's remorse at best.

We've been following this story since it first came to light and there's so much more to the story. A man who claims to be her husband says that she is pregnant, there WAS a twerk contest in the club that the woman participated in and. . . it just feels off somehow,

No matter what, we're definitely praying for this young woman and we hope that she gets the help she needs.

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