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Georgia Sisters Arrested for Beating a Toddler With a Bat Over a Cupcake.

Two Atlanta sisters are set to stand trial this week for allegedly beating a toddler with a baseball bat after he stole food. Here's the story that we were able to piece together from Atlanta's news sources.

A 911 call came in on October 21, 2017 about a sick child. When paramedics arrived they found a 3-year-old boy unresponsive and not breathing. When police arrived to the scene they found the paramedics performing CPR and a few adults who didn't have a solid explanation for the child's condition.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office officially ruled the child's death as blunt force trauma which did not corroborate with the adult's story.

Since the incident, "LaShirley Morris (right) and Glenndria Morris (left), of Atlanta, are charged with two counts of felony murder, one count of aggravated assault and two counts of cruelty in the first-degree in connection with the death of KeJuan Mason, 3.

At the time, the boy's guardian, 25-year-old Glenndria Morris, told police that the boy choked on a cupcake. She said another man tried to perform CPR, and said that emergency response took too long.

The police report states that Morris then changed her story, about the cupcake, but then it was removed and he appeared to be OK. They said he went to sleep and when they checked on him, he was unresponsive and they called 911.

Paramedics told police that it appeared the 3-year-old had not been breathing for a while. The child was transported to Atlanta Medical Center where he was pronounced dead."

Investigating officers were also concerned about the conditions of the family's home. Reports say that the home was infested with roaches and "there were three adults present at the home at the time of Mason's death, as well as four other children (under the age of 9), including the victim's 3-year-old twin brother. Kejuan's biological parents were not at the house."

According to an indictment, LaShirley Morris used the bat to hit KeJuan Mason repeatedly in the head while her sister — the child's legal guardian — used her hand to spank the little boy.

The sister's trial is set to begin Thursday January 3, 2019.

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