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Tracy Chapman Sues Nicki Minaj for Jacking Her Song!

OG Singer Tracy Chapman is suing Nicki Minaj for jacking her original song "Baby Can I Hold You"! TMZ reports that Minaj's camp contacted Chapman to license the song but were denied multiple times. Imagine how shook Chapman was when Nicki's album dropped in August and heard her song WORD FOR WORD!

Listen to the original. . .

now the copy. . .

The song was pulled from Minaj's "Queen" album but not before it was played several times on various radio shows!

"Nicki and crew pulled the song from "Queen" and tried to make it disappear, but Tracy says the damage was done.

Tracy is suing for an order prohibiting Nicki and her team from releasing the song again. She also wants damages in the form of loot."

Is Chapman wrong for demanding payment?

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