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Caught on Video! Bronx Shootout Where Shooters Try to Abduct Victim's Toddler!

In what can only be described as a heartless crime, a 30-year-old Bronx, NY man was attacked and shot on Monday in front of his three-year-old daughter. Police reports say that 30-year-old Shawn Wilson was walking on the sidewalk with his daughter when three men walked up to him and began shooting at him. The incident was caught on camera and the toddler can be seen trying to run away.

It's at that point that one of the men grab her and try to pull her away from her father who was trying to protect her. Take a look.

Via ABC 7 NY:

"The man was rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital and is expected to survive. The child was not injured.

The victim in this case has told police he doesn't know who the suspects are or why they would come after him, but police do not believe he is being forthcoming.

Detectives suspect the shooting could be drug related, and they say that when the victim arrived at the hospital for his leg injury, he was in possession of 12 bags of heroin and marijuana.

He was arrested at that time for the drug possession.

The three suspects are all men, two of whom wore black hooded sweaters, dark colored pants and dark colored sneakers. The third man wore a red and blue hooded sweater, light colored pants and white sneakers."

To us, this seems like a case of "no snitching" and the beginning of an "I'll take care of it myself" case. All in all we're thankful that the child wasn't harmed and that her father is still alive. Hopefully he'll take this as a sign to get out of whatever he's in to for the sake of his daughter. Little girls need fathers just as much as little boys do. However, whoever did this, in front of this baby, is pure trash.

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