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Suspicious Father Plants a Hidden Camera on His Baby and What He Sees Would Make You Consider a Bid!

There comes a time in every parents life when they have to make the hard decision on whether or not to put their baby in childcare. For some, it's not an option and for other's it's a matter of convenience. Not everyone is blessed enough to have grandma retire to take care of the new grandchild or have that one trusted aunt who helped raise the entire next generation. Some of us, myself included, had to look outside of the family for help.

Looking for help, sometimes even inside your family, is hard. Who do you trust? Has the facility or home been state inspected? Is the person caring for your child trustworthy? Will harm come to your child and they won't be able to tell you because they can't talk?

These are real fears that I PERSONALLY had when I made the decision to put my child in a childcare facility so that I could work. Those fears turned out just to be figments of my imagination. I was blessed but, one Texas family wasn't quite in the clear.

It all started with a father of a 6-month-old baby boy had suspicions about his son. Not wanting to dismiss his intuition, he planted a small hidden camera to his child's car seat and dropped him off for care like he normally does. When he got home and reviewed the footage last Thursday, he immediately called the poilce.

"The video showed 60-year old Rebecca Anderson yank the boy out of the car seat, pick him up off the ground using the bib tied around his neck and feed him an "unknown substance using a plastic liquid syringe," the warrant said.

After the father showed the video to Mesquite police, detectives obtained a search warrant for Anderson's home, the arrest warrant said. Upon executing the search warrant, detectives found three children strapped to plastic car seats in a dark master bedroom closet and one more in the master bathroom.

Anderson initially told police that there were just five children in the home before the four others were discovered, the warrant said.

Anderson also admitted "she had likely given Tylenol to all of the children," according to the warrant, and that she left the children in the car seats for as many as seven hours each day.

The arrest warrant also said detectives found "shoelace-like ligatures" tied around the children's necks — and that some of the ties had to be cut off. Anderson admitted she tied the ligatures onto the children to limit their movement.

Anderson has been charged with nine counts of endangering a child and faces a $25,000 bond for each charge."

I don't know about you but if I had seen something like this, calling the police probably wouldn't have been my first reaction. In a world full of creeps, pedophiles and abusers, it's a parents job to keep their child safe. As a parent, I would have wanted a little street justice. As a person who knows God is watching, I would have prayed for Him to strike her down. Don't judge me, I'm human. I'd risk jail time.

Hopefully she never has another child in her care again in life!


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