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Opinions, Everybody Has 'Em! Balthazar Getty Calls Vivica Fox and "Face The Truth" Lad

Well, we all know the saying opinions are like a**holes, everybody has one. Lord of the Flies Actor Balthazar Getty decided to lash out on the ladies of "Fact The Truth". "FTT" is a new talk show hosted by Vivica Fox and co-hosted by attorney Areva Martin, clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho, Judge Mary Chrzanowski aka Judge "Scary Mary," and life coach Rosie Mercado. The ladies routinely have folks who are living on the edge of reality to "face the truth" of what they're really doing!

On this particular show, the ladies took on Farrah Abraham, a reality show star who first got her ounce of fame on the old MTV show "16 and Pregnant". Abraham went on to enjoy a career in the "adult industry". Abraham has ALWAYS had a tumultuous relationship with her other and we still see signs of it from the recent show.

Then there was Farrah's appointment to get butt injections with her daughter in tow that raised a few eyebrows.

Actor Balthazar Getty, who admittedly stumbled upon the show, decided to take to twitter for a strongly worded rant that made some folks squirm.

I get not liking the stern approach that the ladies took but to use this type of language is unacceptable. I honestly want to ask him if he uses those same fingers he used to type to call his mother. Keyboard warriors stay doing the most! I bet he wouldn't say it to Vivica's face though!

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