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NY Man Disembowels His Wife Then Calls Stepdaughter's Father to Tell Him "Go Get Your Daugh

I'm convinced that some people are just demon possessed. On Monday, 58-year-old Virgil Solis killed his wife Valerie in their Bronx, New York apartment. Solis stabbed his 53-year-old wife repeatedly, disemboweled her body then made several phone calls. One to his parole officer to confess his crime and one to his 18-year-old step-daughter's father.

Emergency 911 calls started pouring in to the Bronx PD just after 10am on Monday with reports that Solis, who had recently been released from prison after doing an 18 year bid, was attacking his wife.

According to the New York Post:

"Responding NYPD officers discovered Valerie inside the seventh-floor apartment on Southern Boulevard near East 180th Street with a severe stab wound to her stomach and pronounced her dead at the scene. She had been disemboweled, a law enforcement source said.

Meanwhile, her killer was nowhere to be found.

He was eventually nabbed by cops Monday evening in downtown Manhattan, sources said.

According to records from state Corrections and Community Supervision, Virgil Solis had previously been arrested numerous times for assaults.

He served at least 18 years after cops caught him roughing up a woman who refused to have sex with him, sources said. He hit and choked the woman — leading cops to arrest him for rape, assault and aggravated sex abuse — although he was only convicted of assault in the first degree, sources said."

Mr. Solis is said to have repeatedly called the father of his wife's child to "gloat" throughout the night, before his capture, telling him how he'd killed her and that he'd be attending her funeral. Early reports say that Solis stabbed his wife close to 50 times in his fit of rage but, at this moment, there is no clue as to what set him off.

Some outlets are reporting that Solis was imprisoned for 10 years because he sexually assaulted an 18-year-old woman in 1998. We did some research to find out the real reason. You can view our receipts below,

We're definitely praying for Mrs. Solis' family during this hard time. Hopefully this man will never see the light of day again. If you can commit this type of crime after being released from prison less than 30 days, you deserve to rot.

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