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What in the World?! Woman Violently Swings Baby and Sits on Her! [WATCH]

We've all seen people who we thought just didn't need to have children left in their care. There have been countless cases where children have been left with "responsible adults" to only wind up harmed or, in some cases, dead. This is a case that, had someone not intervened, could have been much worse.

In a video posted to SnapChat then screen-recorded, an unidentified woman is seen swinging a young girl who appears to be under a year old. Another woman steps in and wrestles the baby from the woman who crumples to the floor laughing. It's at that moment that we wonder if she's on some type of drug.

Take a look!

Seriously, something is very wrong with this woman! If anybody knows her, we're asking that you call your local authorities and have them do a check up on the baby involved!


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