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Play or Pass:Traci Braxton Releases a New Project "On Earth"! [LISTEN]

I'll be the first to admit, I usually skip right over every Braxton that's not Toni or Tamar. It's not because I don't think they can sing, it's because I don't want to listen to them and compare them to their sisters.

Traci Braxton has been slept on since she didn't make the cut with "The Braxtons" back in the early 90's. I first paid attention to her during their show "Braxton Family Values" because I loved her personality, the way she drank and they way she often chose to "tell it like it is"! Well, "On Earth" just game me a new reason to love her.

Take a listen.

The fact that the song is so clearly NOT what we would hear one of her sisters do makes it that much more lovable! She may have had some autotune help but she definitely can carry a lower register!

Is "On Earth" a Play or Pass for you?

Need more? Take a listen to the album below.

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