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Ohio Man Locked Up After Dragging State Trooper! [WATCH]

A 22-year-old Ohio man is wanted for dragging a State Highway Patrol officer during a traffic stop. The incident happened last Thursday evening around 11:30pm in Youngstown, Ohio when the patrolman stopped a vehicle for a headlight violation. Dashcam footage shows the driver, identified as Jamel Patton, still seated inside his vehicle with Trooper Mike Miller standing just inside of his car door. When Miller attempted to have Patton exit the vehicle, things went completely left!


Trooper Ray Ellis, who was called as back up, chased Patton while Miller held on to his vehicle for over a mile. As you can see, Patton paused briefly, allowing Miller to let go of the car door, before taking off again. Ellis continued his pursuit. Officers found Patton's vehicle, but no Patton. A warrant was issued for his arrest charging him with "felonious assault of a police officer, failure to comply and resisting arrest charges. Patton has since surrendered to the Highway Patrol."

All of this over a dead headlight.

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