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911 Audio Surfaces From Delicia Cordon Referencing Her Ex, LeSean McCoy. [LISTEN]

The disturbing call for help from Delicia Cordon has been made public and we have to admit, it's frightening. Even the 911 operator was shaken up. Cordon details the attack saying she was hit in the head with a gun, her face was "smashed" and also that couldn't find her son!

The call was so detailed and graphic that we have refrained from posting the complete audio. Take a listen to it below.

Cordon became even more afraid when emergency services arrived fearing that "her ex might see her on surveillance cameras outside the home."

'My boyfriend, who I feel like did this, who set me up, is going to see us on the cameras outside,' she said, adding that the two were in the midst of a nasty split and he wanted his jewelry back.

We previously reported that since the day of the attack, McCoy has denied involvement and Cordon has hired a lawyer.

Cordon has hale gal run-ins with McCoy in the past. She previously sued him for trying to force her out of a home they shared.

McCoy is also no stranger to accusations. In 2016, McCoy was accused of assaulting two police officers, but no criminal chargers were ever filed because of a lack of evidence, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer's David Gambacorta.

Cordon has not spoken publicly about the matter. She has since switched her Instagram profile to private.

The Buffalo Bills responded to the news with a brief statement: 'We have spoken to LeSean and have been in contact with the National Football League. We will continue to gather information.'

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the league is reviewing the matter.

NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo tweeted Tuesday sharing information from police and captioned it: 'From Milton (GA) police on the incident that led to allegations via Instagram (the post is now deleted) against LeSean McCoy, who was training in Miami early this morning.'

He later tweeted that McCoy 'left the field once he learned of the Instagram posts'.

This whole ordeal is sad!

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