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Repeat Offender: Wanted for Murdering His Lottery Winning Uncle, Man in Custody for Fatally Stabbing

I'm a firm believer that almost anyone can be rehabilitated and restored back into society after committing a crime. I've witnessed many people who had "wild" and "rambunctious" youths do their time and bounce back like nothing happened. Like completely new people.

I believe in the power of forgiveness, not just from others but, from ourselves. Once we forgive ourselves for letting bad decisions overtake us, we can start to grow and better ourselves.

I believe everyone has good in them. . . somewhere.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm wrong and this story is why.

"A New York City man who was wanted for questioning in his uncle's stabbing death a month ago was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly striking again.

Idris Abdul-Muhaymin, 45, was arrested Wednesday night around 11:35pm, just hours after stabbing a woman in the neck with a screwdriver at a Bronx security firm. She later died at the hospital.

Police had been looking for Abdul-Muhaymin for exactly a month, when his uncle was found stabbed to death in his Mott Haven apartment after winning the lottery.

Investigators say Abdul-Muhaymin, who was drowning in gambling debts, is now an official suspect in his uncle's gruesome murder.

Cops were called to M.N.I. Security Specialist Inc shortly before 2pm on Wednesday, where they found 45-year-old licensed security guard Wanda Rios inside suffering from a stabbing wound to her neck. A bloody screwdriver was found nearby. She was rushed to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

The business had a tragically ironic tagline on its sign, reading: 'We're always ready for any confrontation'.

The NYPD quickly released surveillance footage of the man they believed to be responsible for the murder. About 10 hours later, they located Abdul-Muhaymin and took him into custody.

Abdul-Muhaymin faces charges of murder, manslaughter and weapon possession.

He's no stranger to a jail cell. He spent decades in prison for shooting another person to death in the Bronx in 1991.

Why he killed Rios is still not certain. Abdul-Muhaymin is the brother-in-law of the man who owns the security firm, and cops say he knew Rios, but the nature of their relationship was not clear. Investigators do not believe they were romantic.

Abdul-Muhaymin is also a suspect in the death of his uncle, Owen Dillard. The 73-year-old was found stabbed to death in his Mott Haven apartment shortly after winning $50,000 in the lottery. Family members said his nephew was swimming in gambling debts.

Detectives said at the time that there were no signs of a forced entry and Dillard may have been robbed.

Abdul-Muhaymin is due in court on Thursday."

This is absolutely terrible. We're all definitely praying for the families of these victims. As for the accused. . . yeah, he can stay in jail this time.

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