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Tiny & T.I.'s Baby Girl is Living Up to the Family Hustle!

Listen here, Tiny and T.I. are about to be considered the new Jackson's! Almost every single member of their family has a hustle and now their toddler, Heiress, is joining in!

Tiny revealed to the world that little Heiress Diana Harris has partnered with a company for her very own line of nail polish! She made the announcement on Instagram with the following caption:

"Introducing my newest hustler of the family @heiressdharrishas partnered up with Piggy Paint for her own nail polish line called The Royal Collection by Heiress Harris my Babygirl loves her nails polished so it was only right that I found her a brand that was nontoxic & safe for babies & children. This polish will be in stores all over real soon but u can get your first bottles at Essence fest booth 239 come see me tomorrow at Meet & Greet 4pm July 7 can’t wait to meet u!! #PsShePickThe3ColorsOutHerself#ButIOnlyHavePicOfTwo 👑💜🙌🏽💯"

While most toddlers are out here taking naps, Heiress is out here making grown money moves!

The key to creating generational wealth? Starting a business for your children while they're young so that when they're adults, everything will already be set in motion for them to keep the ball rolling. Great work Tiny and T.I.!

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