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Mic Drop! T-Pain Releases "Boo'd Up" Remix and Everyone Else Can Quit Now! [LISTEN]

There have been a ton of celebrities, and regular folks, remixing Ella Mai's song "Boo'd Up" but, this last one takes the cake! Rapper, producer, slayer of dreams T-Pain released a remix and shut everybody else down!

If you need to refresh yourself on the original, check it out then get into the remix below.

The T-Pain remix!

That's it, you ain't got to go home but you gotta get the heck out of here! T-Pain shut the challenge down!

What's that? You want more? Ok, check out these other remixes but, you'll always come back to this one!




The official remix was done by Ella Mai featuring Nicki Minaj and Quavo.

Which one do you like best?

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