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More Details Surface in Killing of Pittsburgh Teen. Officer Only on the Job "Few Hours Before t

The 17-year-old boy shot and killed by East Pittsburgh police has been identified at Antwon Rose II.

Rose was shot and killed after the car he was a passenger in was pulled over in a traffic stop. It has been reported that he was shot at least three times, in the back, while attempting to flee the scene of the stop.


"KDKA-TV has now learned that the officer who is accused of shooting Rose, was only sworn into duty a few hours before the fatal shooting.

When a police officer shoots someone, even if they’ve been involved in a crime in a neighboring community as has been alleged here, Allegheny County homicide detectives step in.

“In accordance with police best practices in the aftermath of officer-involved shootings, Allegheny County Police Department homicide detectives were requested to assume the role of independent investigatory agency,” said Superintendent Coleman McDonough on Wednesday.

But it’s up to Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala to determine whether Rose’s shooting was justified or not.

“That officer has the same rights as any other citizen,” said McDonough.

Sources tell KDKA political editor Jon Delano that the East Pittsburgh officer, in his 20s, has been on duty in East Pittsburgh for just three weeks and was sworn in about 90 minutes before the actual shooting. Although, he’s been an officer in the region since 2011.

Civil Rights Attorney S. Lee Merritt, the attorney obtained by Rose's family, said that he doesn't believe that there was any justification for the officer shooting Rose. Pennsylvania laws, however, do permit the use of deadly force when attempting arrest.

"Only when the officer believes that such force is necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to himself or others.

That’s the general rule, but there is another.

Deadly force can be used when force is necessary to prevent an escape and

(1) the person to be arrested has committed a forcible felony, or

(2) he’s attempting to escape and possesses a deadly weapon, or

(3) he will endanger others if not arrested right away."

According to police, officers initially responded to a shots fired called on Kirkpatrick Avenue in North Braddock. When they arrived, they found a 22-year-old man had been shot in the abdomen.

The shooter fired nine .40-caliber founds at the victim from a vehicle. The victim returned fire and struck the vehicle with multiple rounds.

Callers reported that a car was spotted fleeing the scene.

Police spotted what they believed was the same car on Grandview Avenue in East Pittsburgh a short time later. The car had bullet holes in the rear windows.

While an East Pittsburgh police officer was detaining the driver, two passengers ran from the car, including Rose. The officer opened fire and Rose was struck by multiple rounds.

Police found two weapons inside the vehicle, but none on Rose’s person.

The officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

As the details emerge, the city of Pittsburgh is becoming more and more enraged. There have been protests and demonstrations in the community including one outside the police precinct. At the end of the day, we're hoping that this young man's family will receive justice. This has got to stop.

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