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Caught on Video: East Pittsburgh Police Shoot and Kill 17-Year-Old Boy. [WATCH]

If you could hear me sighing right now, it would be the deepest, saddest sigh you've ever heard. Just 24 hours after losing two rappers to gun violence in the same day, one IN Pittsburgh, an East Pittsburgh police officer shot, and killed, a 17-year-old boy.

The details that lead up to the shooting are sketchy, at best, but what we do know is, a child has lost his life and his mother is grieving.


"Police have one suspect in custody, a manhunt is underway for another, a teenager is dead and another man is in the hospital after a shooting Tuesday night.

The incident started in North Braddock around 8:20 p.m. and ended up in East Pittsburgh, where more gunfire rang out during a traffic stop."

"According to Allegheny County officials, police were initially called to the 800 block of Kirkpatrick Avenue where they found a 22-year-old man suffering from gunshot wounds.

The man was taken to the hospital, where he was treated and released.

Allegheny County Police say information on a vehicle that fled the scene in North Braddock was broadcast to neighboring police departments, and a short time later, an East Pittsburgh police officer pulled over a car matching that description near the corner of Grandview Avenue and Howard Street."

"Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough said the officer took the driver into custody, but while he was putting the driver in handcuffs two passengers ran from the car.

“At that time, one of the individuals who fled on foot was struck by police gunfire,” said McDonough.

Neighbors reported hearing at least three gunshots in the area.

The 17-year-old male was taken to McKeesport Hospital, where he died from his injuries.The other suspect who ran from the car remained on the loose early Wednesday morning. Police were asking him to turn himself in."

What authorities did NOT know was that the incident was caught on video by a woman inside a nearby residence and it's that video that has the entire city in an uproar. Watch.

Hundreds of people in, and outside of, the community took to Twitter to express their outrage.

This story is still developing but we're already quite sure of the outcome.

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