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Atlanta Officer Caught in Drug Ring Resigns with a Handwritten Note.

An Atlanta Police Officer is behind bars today after being caught in a drug raid Monday afternoon. Officer Iris Rowe was in an apartment at the Alexandria Landing Apartment Complex. Reports state that when the task force kicked in the apartment door they were looking for two men who had been under surveillance and were known to be in the residence.

It surprised them, and everyone one else, when one of their own was among those in the apartment.


"Investigators were looking for suspects Jeremy Laye and Tony Robinson. When they kicked down the door, they found Laye and Robinson and also found Officer Iris Rowe.

“Investigating officers were able to find a large amount of marijuana and an assortment of pills inside of the apartment,” authorities told Channel 2 Action News.

The drugs had a street value of approximately $30,000, according to the College Park Police Department.

Police also found high-caliber weapons, ammunition, nearly $8,000 in cash and Rowe's uniform, badge, vest, radio and ID. In the trunk of Rowe's Nissan, they found more drugs and two guns, including an AR-15.

The Atlanta Police Department said they contacted Rowe Wednesday and notified her that she would be "dismissed from employment" Thursday.

Rowe chose to instead resign from the police department in a handwritten note saying:

'On today, Wednesday June 13, 2018, I, Iris Rowe will be resigning from the Atlanta Police Department. I would like to send me deepest apologies to the department, and others for this shameful act.

- Iris Rowe'

There were also two small children in the apartment at the time of the raid but they were not the children of Officer Rowe. Rowe had been with the police force since 2016 and currently faces some pretty hefty drug charges. It is believed that Rowe was in a romantic relationship with one of the two men who were arrested but police reports do not specify which.

Left to right: Laye and Robinson

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