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Target Admits to Missing the Mark with "Baby Daddy" Father's Day Card.

We've all heard the term "Baby Daddy" and some of us have actually used it. It's not one of the greatest word combos to call a father but hey, it happens. It happens so much that Target decided to stock their shelves with a card with the moniker just for Father's Day.

One shopper saw the card, took a snapshot of it and posted her disdain to social media saying:

"You CANNOT be serious Target!!!! Really!!!?!!!!? This was the only Father’s Day card that featured a black couple!!!!!! #OurVoicesReally#NotMyNarrative #HowAboutHusband #HowAboutLove #HowAboutJustDad"

Lawd Target! This is where you messed up. We expect these types of "ratchet" activities from WalMart, you know, the place where folks go shopping in their pajamas, wear men's drawls on their heads, and eat food straight off of the shelf! Not TARGET where Beyonce' shops!

I wanna know who gave the green light for this project? The super store issued a template apology saying "We appreciate the feedback and apologize. It's never our intent to offend any of our guests with the products we sell."

Do you think this was done in poor taste or was it just a light-hearted joke gone bad?


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