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Memphis Grandmother Caught Keeping Grandchildren in Dog Kennels. [WATCH]

62-year-old Leimome Cheeks was arrested after witnesses say she was seen with two children in small dog kennels in the rear hatch of her car. The incident was caught on camera by a bystander who happened to notice Cheeks taking one of the children out of the kennel in open view.

When questioned by the police, the children stated that they had to ride in the kennels because "there was no room in the back seat".

Take a look at the news footage.


"Cheeks admitted that she drove while the children where in the kennels from Whitehaven to Collierville, which is a 35 minute drive.

"I'm just so sad for the babies. For them to be in the hot car like that in cages is sad," neighbor Nikita Blake said.

With temperatures reaching the 95 degree mark, the 7 and 8-year-old explained to officers how they were hot, because there were no vents in the back to keep them cool.

Now, neighbors are asking why and are trying to piece together the thought behind her actions.

"I'm still shocked. I really can't see her doing that. She's such a nice lady. Wow, " neighbor Skylarr Blake said.

Neighbors tells us Cheeks just bought two German Shepherd puppies which is why the kennels are in the back of her truck.

They say she's a woman of faith and they have always known her to be a very nice lady."I think she needs some help. Something is going on with her. If she did that, then that's out of character for her," Neighbor Eugene Richmond said."

I don't care what the reason was, kids have no business in dog kennels. EVER!


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