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Cardi B Shows Coachella the Moves that Got Her Pregnant! Nails Her Performance Even Out of Breath! [

Since announcing her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live, Cardi B has been actually quite open about her previously private matter. last night she took to the Coachella stage to perform songs from her new album and to show the world watching, the moves that resulted in her having a belly full of Offset's offspring!

Strippers, twerking and p-poppin? All right then! Did y'all catch the red-haired dancer wildin' out on the overhead bars? I totally thought she was going to bring the whole structure down!

I'm so proud of Cardi pushing forward and tackling this performance even though folks doubted she'd be able to do it pregnant!

Okay Cardi!

Some folks are saying that Cardi was paying homage to Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez with the hairdo.

What do you think?


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