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Suge Knight is OUT of Jail. . . BUT IN the Hopsital!

We're all quite familiar with ex-Death Row Records exec Suge Knight and all of the things he's been accused of, his lengthy prison sentences and his super long reach outside of the "gated community". Knight has been trying to get out for some time and it seems that his wish was granted. . . just not the way he's hoped!

TMZ reports:

"Suge was moved from L.A. County jail on Tuesday, around 11 AM, and was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital. It's unclear why Suge -- who's in jail awaiting trial for murder -- had to be rushed to a hospital for treatment, but he's had several health issues since he was arrested and locked up in 2015.In 2017, he was treated for blood clots ... which have been a recurring issue for him. Suge also passed out during a court hearing."

Y'all know I don't wish harm on anyone, no matter what they've done in the past, so let's keep this man in our prayers as he recovers. After all, he's somebody's child, brother and father too.

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