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Safaree Gets Robbed at Gunpoint of $183k in Cash and Jewels! Suspects Caught!

This is absolutely horrible! Love and Hip Hop's Safaree Samuels was able to walk around Ohio and nothing happens to him but the minute he's back in New York, he gets stuck for his paper!

Safaree was just hours away from another radio interview, promoting his new single "Hunnid", on Power 105 with Angie Martinez when he says he was robbed at gunpoint. The visibly shaken rapper went to his interview, as scheduled, but was definitely not acting his normal self. Take a look.

If you missed it, I got a chance to interview Safaree when he came through my neck of the woods, and he managed to leave here, the city that was once nicknamed "Murdertown, USA", unscathed. The good news in all of this debacle is that the suspects were caught not long after the robbery!

The cops told TMZ:

"2 men suspected of robbing Safaree at gunpoint Monday were busted after cops chased them down over the George Washington Bridge, from New Jersey into New York.We're told police were in hot pursuit following the alleged robbery in Fort Lee, NJ. Cops followed them over the bridge, and at one point the suspects crashed their car and fled on foot. NYPD joined the search before Jonathan Ricketts and Shawn Harewood were captured about 12 blocks apart."

"According to cops, Safaree claims he was robbed of around $183,000 of cash and jewelry."

"Safaree's attorney, James Leonard Jr., tells us, "This was not some random stick up attempt, this was an ambush specifically targeting Safaree by several men with guns. The actual facts of what happened are chilling and it is only by the grace of god that this incident did not have a different ending and for that we are extremely grateful."

Let's hope Safaree beefs up his security now that he's traveling more!

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