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Wait, WHAT?!?! Church Goer Claims She was Roughed Up at "The Potter's House"! [WATCH]

A young woman by the name of Audrey Stevenson claims that she was roughed up yesterday during the Palm Sunday morning services at The Potter's House in Fort Worth, Texas. Stevenson managed to record a conversation that she had with an Elder and Administrator of the church about her being "silenced" in the church. When the conversation got heated, a man she calls "Brandon", stepped in to intervene and allegedly "put his hands" on her.

On the video Stevenson can be heard begging to "leave" and for "Brandon" to not put his hands on her. She continues to plead asking "why did you put me in cuffs and throw me on the ground Brandon? You can't detain me, I didn't break a law!"

The male in the video can be heard telling her that she was not allowed on stage during service and that she "got loud" with "Rhonda", referring to the woman in the first part of the video.

The video is shaky and OBVIOUSLY taped on the sly but you can clearly hear the conversation.

The ordeal continues as Stevenson keeps begging to leave and is eventually escorted out. She becomes further enraged toward the end of the video once they remove her handcuffs and she's just about to leave. After the incident was over, Stevenson posted pictures of a knot near her eye and an injury on her hand presumably caused by the force she received while being restrained.

Of course, Ms. Stevenson did a "Live" video on Facebook after she got home and calmed down.

Stevenson even tagged the ministry in her posting which caused viewers to leave negative feedback for the ministry.

The ministry released a statement roughly eight hours after Stevenson's video had gone viral.

It is unclear what legal action, if any, Stevenson will be taking against the people involved at this time. Let's hope that this big mess can get cleared up without Stevenson being dragged over the coals for something she didn't deserve.


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